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I decided to take a week off from blogging, and now that it's been three months, I'm back! In that time I seriously considered stopping. I figured if I had no desire to write or post, I clearly wasn't enjoying it anymore. I've also been going through a mental rough patch lately, and such a solitary hobby like blogging wasn't going to help that. I had to ask myself what the point of this blog was, and decided it was to have fun doing something I enjoy, and sharing my love for thrifting. Ultimately (and obviously) I've decided to stick it out, but have also decided on a bit of a do-over when it comes to how I approach blogging, changing it up to be something more collaborative, more story and people focused, and therefore, more enjoyable for me. Sure, I could continue to strap my phone to my tower fan with scotch tape and use a selfie remote to take photos against a wall in my house, or I could team up with a friend or friends, go out into the world, and work together to create something great. That said, shout out to one of my best friends, Mana for taking these photos! I'll be sure to share her photography insta page when she sets it up!

Okay, okay. Back to the thrifting. This outfit is made up of some of my favorite recent finds, from a few very different stores. We'll start at the bottom. I have been wanting a pair of mules for months, but as always, couldn't bring myself to spend $30 on shoes. Luckily, my tried and true Assistance League Hawaii thrift store (click here to read why I love them) had this pair in their glass case for just $9! I asked to see them, slipped one on, and bought them immediately. I honestly don't remember what else I bought that day. The mules stole the show.

The overalls are from the Goodwill in Kakaʻako. Definitely one of the more curated, organized and clean Goodwills we have. If you're looking for trendier pieces, this is definitely the place to go. These were somewhere around $8, and were one of those buys that I was unsure about to start. I was afraid I wouldn't wear them, and for a while I didn't. One day though, for some reason (that reason was all of my other clothing being in the hamper) I tried them on again, wore them out of the house, got a ton of compliments, and felt like I was wearing pajamas. The rest is history.

The backpack is from Moiliʻili Community Center thrift store, which has unexpectedly been a solid spot for otherwise pretty pricey handbags. This Vince Camuto backpack as well as a Fossil handbag I bought there cost me about $20. They regularly have Coach and Dooney bags there as well. The sunglasses were an instagram impulse buy from Saver's. I think they were $3. I also think they don't actually protect my eyes from the sun. They're fun, though.

All of these pieces came together well, I think, and made for an outfit I'd wear any day. Check out the breakdown below, and let me know if you hit up any of the thrift stores I mentioned!


Thrifted from: Assistance League Thrift Store

What I paid: $9.00

Brand: Madden Girl


Thrifted from: Goodwill, Kakaʻako

What I paid: ~$8.00

Brand: Forever 21


Thrifted from: Moiliʻili Community Center Thrift Store

What I paid: $20

Brand: Vince Camuto

Heart Shades

Thrifted from: Saver's Honolulu

What I paid: ~$3.00

Brand: Unknown

Overall cost: ~$40

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