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All the Ingredients for my Perfect Maternity Outfit

Being pregnant has definitely changed the way I dress. I was a hardcore high waisted jeans gal before the bump. I wore heels close to daily, and my hair was always done. With my new body, lack of balance, occasional exhaustion, and the rest of the mess that comes with pregnancy, I of course had to adjust my wardrobe a bit.

It's taken me some time to find my groove. I think the go to look for pregnant women (and therefore most maternity clothing) is a classy, adorable, girly, Pinterest mom look. But sometimes I want to be a cool mom, you know? And without my high waisted jeans to fall back on, I had to come up with a different formula. That formula is this outfit. It's something I'd wear before (or after) pregnancy. And because none of this is maternity clothing, I may be able to do just that! This outfit has every element I need to feel comfortable and safe, without sacrificing my own personal style. So I figured I'd share the 6 elements that make up my perfect maternity outfit with you. Maybe it'll help another preggo momma marry her personal style with her new body.

  1. A topknot (or another easy, out of the way hairstyle). Doing my hair and wearing it down down has become such a burden. First, it's hot. Second, my hair styling routine involves quite a bit of bending at the waist to scrunch my curls and get some lift at the roots. Bending at the waist is not something I'm particularly fond of these days. Third, I'm exhausted most mornings, so easy is always the way to go. The topknot is simple. It's cute enough, and super quick. It takes a lot less bending, keeps my hair out of my face, and it's something I'd wear normally anyway. Maybe your easy style is a ponytail, or a quick braid, or just a short haircut!

  2. Hoops (or another easy statement jewelry piece). I live in my hoops. The topknot allows them to shine a bit, and they are easier to get on than a necklace. If you don't think you can work up a sweat trying to put on a necklace, try doing it while pregnant in the summer in Hawaii. I'll stick with my hoops. Or I'll get my husband to put the necklace on for me. A single, simple, but impactful accessory = high impact with very little effort. Save your energy for baby growing, not latching up that necklace stack.

  3. A knotted top! Tying one of my pre-preggo tops above the bump so quickly became a go-to for me during pregnancy that my husband was calling it my "new thing" as early as my first trimester. I've loved it primarily because I still get to wear my non maternity tops. This is great for when I want to look a little more cool and a little less sweet. They don't make a ton of graphic tees for pregnant women that aren't literally about being pregnant. Cropping a tee with a knot is something I used to do in my high waisted jeans days anyway, but a knot nestled on top of a baby bump shows off the bump like no other!

  4. Layers. I have mostly been super hot while pregnant, but I think that's in large part due to the fact that I've been quarantined at home with no air conditioning for the summer. The few times I've been in the office, layers were crucial. While I was often cold or comfortable in there, sometimes I would just get randomly super hot. Being able to toss something on and off quickly was incredible. Layers also allow for a bit more interest in an outfit, another length or color or texture to play with to get you out of the maternity dress funk.

  5. A breathable bottom. You don't have to wear skirts all the time when you're pregnant, but you just might. My main criteria for my bottom half is breathability. I live in a tropical place. I'm in my third trimester, and it's HOT. Most of the time I'm wearing a dress or a skirt, but I also have a great pair or super thin pants and a nice wide legged cotton jumpsuit. So again, the skirt/dress isn't necessary, but they do make all those trips to the bathroom a bit easier. I've also been very lucky to thrift some skirts with super stretchy waistbands to sit right above the bump.

  6. Sneakers You need something flat to keep you as balanced as possible. You need something supportive to keep your feet from screaming at you, and of course you need something cute to wear on your feet. Sneakers are always the answer. I've lived mostly in my converse or vans when leaving the house for a long time. While my slides are way easier to get on these days, walking for too long in them makes my feet want to cry. They take a bit more effort to get laced up in, but trust me. I'm the same girl who wears her hair in a topknot everyday to avoid bending over slightly. I wouldn't have you tie those shoes unless it was really going to pay off later. That said, I have been having my husband tie my shoes recently, BUT I still think it would be worth it if you have to do that weird thing where you rest your foot on your leg and tie sideways.

So there you have it! They're simple tips, but they took me a while to catch on to. They've also allowed me to thrift a lot of clothing that will work not just during my pregnancy but afterward as well, and to continue to wear a lot of what I already owned. My maternity wardrobe is now a nice balance of secondhand maternity clothing, thrifted pieces that work both pre and postpartum, things I already owned, and then just a couple pieces bought new (mainly undergarments). Obviously the climate, my own personal style, and time of year play a huge factor into this list, so what are some of your go-to pregnancy fit tips?

Outfit Breakdown:

Top: Gifted from five-ish years ago

Cardigan: Goodwill Hawaii

Skirt: Goodwill Hawaii

Shoes: Assistance League Hawaii Thrift Store

Earrings: LVC Jewelry


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