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Local Joe - A Crop Top and a Coffee

I love a good cup of coffee. I love any cup of coffee, really. I'm not like a coffee snob or anything. In fact, I'm a grad student, which means my coffee preferences have more to do with frequency and cup size than anything else. As such, I think I'm unqualified to judge the taste (and I dunno, what are coffee terms? richness? depth? Those sound right.) of Local Joe's coffee, but I'm going to judge it anyway. Here goes: It's really good. Now that we've gotten that out of the way. Let me tell you what else I loved about Local Joe's.

If I'm being honest, when I found Local Joe's I was looking for a place to take photos for the blog. It's gram-worthy little spot. The staff was really sweet about us taking photos. Granted, it was 4:00pm, so it had probably slowed down by then. Even if you don't love coffee, it's a nice little place to be. And even if you don't love coffee, you'll probably love your face printed on foam. Yep. They'll put your face in your coffee....

It's like a foam art selfie combo. Long story short, I was looking for a spot for photos, but I ended up just enjoying my time there with a good friend, learning a bit about coffee roasting, and using the big map on the wall to point out countries I want to visit. I'd recommend Local Joe, fo sho.

The spot worked well for my mood and outfit for the day. I had very recently thrifted this crop top. I love all of the texture it has, so I figured I'd just keep everything neutral and let the textures in the outfit speak for themselves. So we have an embroidered lace top, a big knit cardigan, shredded boots and finally some black high waisted skinnies to tie everything together, and take a little break from all the texture.

To me this is the perfect grind time outfit: cozy enough to study in all day, but nice enough to feel put together in. I'm one of those people who could never go to class in sweats, even though that's a pretty widely accepted, quintessentially college thing to do. Something about feeling put together makes me more productive, and this outfit does that for me without sacrificing the chill factor. Perfect studying outfit: simple, cozy and caffeinated. (and affordable of course. Let's not forget whose blog this is). Check out the outfit breakdown below :)

(me waiting on my coffee, looking impatient af lol)

Top - Assistance League Hawaii - $5

Cardigan - a friend's giveaway pile - $0

Pants - F21 - $9.99

Shoes - Ross - $20-ish (It's been a while)

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