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Printed Pants - thrifted outfit inspo

When I was still living in Portland, Oregon, my favorite thrift store was the William Temple House Thrift Store on NW 22nd and Glisan. I'd take a nice long streetcar ride from my apartment in Southwest Portland to NW 22nd, and then walk the six or seven or so blocks (rain, shine, or snow!) to visit William Temple. They had tag color sales, like Goodwill. Except on top of the 50% off color they'd also have one that was 75% off. And if that 75% off tag wasn't enough for you, they'd also pull a bunch of those tag colors to fill their sale racks. If you're not excited yet, let me explain: That meant you could go through a full rack of just 50% or 75% off clothing. And that's what I did. Every time. Most days I didn't even fuss with the full priced racks, because there were too many discounted gems to sift through.

That was a long winded, reminiscent way of introducing my favorite one of those gems, these printed pants:

They give me 60's housewife vibes, and they were only $5.00! They're the most versatile, and probably most worn pants (that haven't since fallen apart) I own despite their print. I'd wear them in the winter in Portland with boots and a turtleneck. I'd wear them in the summer with sandals and a crop top, or to work with some pumps and a button down. The print blends in with basics, but also elevates them, making these pants the easiest thing in the world to style.

Here I have them with another thrift find, a black halter from Assistance League Hawaii's thrift store. I'd consider this a basic piece, but the neckline adds to those 60's vibes. And then we have the shoes! They aren't thrifted, but were still a great deal at $14.99 from Ross. It took me months to actually wear them once I bought them, and since then I think I've only worn them 3 or 4 times. They're not my everyday thing, but they're definitely great to have handy when an outfit needs a pop of color.

So there you have it. A basic top, a 50% off gem of a find, and a bright shoe/impulse purchase coming together to create this simple, but very versatile outfit. Oh! And did I mention it was cheap? Cheaper than what you could sell these pants for at retail price. Details below!

Top - Assistance League Hawaii - $5.00

Pants - William Temple House Thrift Store - $5.00

Shoes - Ross - $14.99

(Total = $24.99)

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