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The Mom Jeans - thrifted outfit inspo

About a month or so ago I bought these mom jeans at Goodwill. I loved the way they looked on other people, but I know my body pretty well (short torso, narrow hips, larger thighs) and didn't think their shape was really something that would be flattering on me. When I tried them on at Goodwill, I was still iffy about them, but I didn't necessarily hate them. They were only $8, though, so I bought them. I figured if I ended up loving them, great. If not, they didn't cost too much.

Now I really love these jeans. They were one of my favorite things from last month. This was the first outfit I felt comfortable with them on in. Nowadays I'll chuck them on with whatever. But the strange thing is, I still wouldn't consider them all that flattering. They make for an interesting outfit, but I don't think they do too much for my body. They're a way to have fun with my clothes, another shape to play with. Plus, they're incredibly comfortable, breathable, and just... I get why moms would wear them. I felt ready to run some errands in this outfit, for sure.

I styled my new mom jeans with a pair of thrifted espadrilles, a black dress that I just tucked in in the front, my beloved thrifted Dooney & Bourke bag, chunky gold earrings, and a crop top that I somehow finagled into a headband. What I paid for this outfit, and where items are from (originally and thrift stores) is listed below. Are there any trends you want to try out without spending too much? Let me know!

Jeans - $8 - Goodwill - originally Old Navy

Shoes - $10 - Salvation Army - originally ???

Bag - $30 - Op Shop in Australia - originally Dooney & Bourke

Dress/Top - $0 - Gift (thanks Keala!) - originally from H&M

Crop Top/Headband - $0 - taken from a friend's giveaway pile - originally from F21

Earrings - not sure how much I paid, definitely less that $10 - from F21 (see similar pairs here)

Thanks to Malina Franquez for taking these photos! When she has her photography site up, I'll be sure to link it. For now, you can find some of her stuff on Youtube!

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