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January Favorites - 2018

Sup. January came and went so quickly! It's been a pretty good month. I'm cooking healthy meals at home more often, aaaaaaaand, that's about all the progress I've made with my life goals. BUT! It's been a lasting change. Blogging, and other side things, like thrifting, working out, and the reselling I've been wanting to do have taken a back seat since school started up again, but I'm looking forward to changing that this month. The strange thing is, compared to my time in my undergrad career, I have a lot more free time these days, but I'm doing a lot less with my free time than I was before. The busier I am, the more productive I am with my free time. Wild stuff. Anyway, as we move into February, I thought it would be fun to say goodbye to January by documenting my favorite things from that month. Here goes it!

Let's start with my two favorite fashion/thrifting finds from this month! This red tank is SO rich in color, just tight enough, and somehow fits my very short torso PERFECTLY. I found it at Assistance League Thrift Store. I'm already planning to wear it for the 4th of July, but I'm also probably going to be wearing it once a week until then. Plus, this red goes so well with my tan.

The jeans are mom jeans. If you follow me on instagram, you know I was a bit iffy about mom jeans in general. I think they look really good on some people, but couldn't tell how I felt about them on me. That said, I love love love how comfortable they are, so I really challenged myself to style them in a way that would lead me to wear them more often. (You should see them in an upcoming outfit post!) These were $8 at Goodwill. That's a price you can pay when you're iffy about something. Turns out I like them, so I got a stellar deal, but if I didn't... it was only 8 bucks!

Okay. This one is silly. It's a notebook. It's from the Decomposition Book brand, which up until now, I've honestly just thought was super hipster, super overpriced notebooks. I only bought it because it was the only college ruled notebook (wide ruled notebooks are the worst) left at Target when school was starting back up. I didn't want to walk to another store, so I spent the $5+ (yep) for this notebook. Turns out I love it. I'm just a boujee, boujee gal. Again, this is going to sound silly, but the paper in this thing is so thick and so smooth, that it makes writing feel great. The pages don't tear away from the spiral at the edges even when you've been flipping through them aggressively for weeks. The stationary obsessed will have my back on this. Turns out, it's worth the $5.

Yeah. It's salad dressing. You know when you're trying to eat healthy, so you eat a ton of salads? Take a look at what's in your salad dressing, and how many calories are in that stuff! Salad dressing is the only good part of salad, and that's because it's the only part that's bad for you. It negates your salad. Might as well go to Taco Bell and enjoy yourself. I've been having salads with lemon juice, salt and pepper most days, but sometimes you just need some dairy in your bowl of leaves. So I've found a compromise. I don't use it all the time, but sometimes I just need it. It's nice to feel like I'm indulging a bit, but it's fewer than half the calories that normal old Caesar dressing has.

This isn't really a January discovery, but I must mention it. GET. YOU. SOME MICELLAR. WATER. It's magic. It removes waterproof mascara like it's nothing, and if you're extremely lazy like me, not having to rinse your face after using it is an added benefit. I use two to four cotton pads depending on how much makeup I'm wearing to remove makeup and then cleanse my face. Sometimes (when I remember and care to) I'll use a single cotton pad just to cleanse my face in the mornings. It's very satisfying to see the dirt your face collects while you sleep come off on the pad.

Last but not least! The Greatest Showman! I'm obsessed with this movie. I'd pay to watch it again. The opening song and shot were immediately impressive, and I was thoroughly impressed until the credits started rolling. So if you're looking to watch a bunch of incredibly talented people give flawless performances, definitely watch this. If you want to become obsessed, listen to the soundtrack daily, and watch all the behind the scenes videos, definitely watch this. If you need a reason to question why the hell Hugh Jackman was blessed good looks, height, AND the ability to act, dance, AND sing, definitely watch this movie.

That's all, folks! A few of my faves from last month. Try some out for yourself, and let me know how it goes! Seeya soonish!


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