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Sheer Stripes - thrifted outfit inspo

Welcome to the first of hopefully many thrifted outfit posts. Obviously, I am a fan of second-hand, and just want to share how easy and fun it is to style yourself without breaking the bank. This outfit just so happens to be 100% thrifted (not including undergarments), but maybe don't expect that every time. Shoes that fit my wide af feet are a little tough to come by at thrift stores (and normal stores for that matter).

I've seen a few youtubers and bloggers rocking those long-sleeve, mesh, sheer tops either with bralettes underneath, or under t-shirts. The look isn't really my thing, BUT every time I see it I think about how much I sweat, and how all the little holes in that loose mesh would provide the all around air flow my constantly overheated body needs. With that in mind, when I stumbled across this top at Goodwill I knew I found the sweaty girl top for me. It take two classics: a white tank and stripes, and makes the a little more interesting with the mesh.

I paired my white top with a J-Crew pleated school girl skirt and Dolce Vita booties. I found the top and booties at Goodwill on Beretania, and my pleated skirt at Assistance League Hawaii.

People thrift for a lot of different reasons: financial, ethical, recreational, etc. etc. I thrift for many reasons, too, but mainly because I'm cheap af. This entire outfit came out to under $20: $10 for the boots, $5 for the skirt, and $2.50 for the top. I can't tell you how incredibly satisfying that is for me, on top of looking hella cute today. More thrifted looks to come. Happy New Year, everyone! Seeyasoonish, M

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