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3 Home Decor Pieces You Should Always Buy Second Hand

I told my fiance I put a tool kit on our registry. He said we don't need a tool kit. I remembered this as I used a pair of nail clippers to screw in the screws and a candle jar to hammer in the nails while building a shelf I bought from Walmart. Does that have anything to do with this post? No, but I know he's reading this. Anyway... I bought a cube shelf recently. Styling one of these cube shelves has been a pinterest inspired daydream of mine for a while. I want it to look the best it can, but I'm also not trying to break the bank or have a cookie cutter cube shelf. That's where thrifting comes in. So here is a list of the three best home decor pieces you can thrift, all things that I have thrifted and will continue to thrift for this shelf. These are things that are less susceptible to wear and tear than clothing or shoes. They're easily found at all thrift stores, and of course, they're cheap af.

Woven Baskets/Trays

It's hard to buy a basket for $12.99 at Ross (or like $30-60 at Target) when I know I can go to Goodwill and get a large basket for $5. Some of these smaller ones are even cheaper. These two bowl sized baskets were $0.99 each, and this gorgeous woven tray was $2.50 at a charity shop. They're as stable and as beautiful as they would've been had I bought them brand new, but they were far more affordable.


Glassware is so easy to clean and make new again, so it's perfect to thrift. You can thrift what others are buying new, like these Threshold canisters, or something unique like this old alcohol container. Similar Threshold containers are ranging from $11-$20 online now, and I got these for $1.99 each. As for the alcohol container, I don't know why, but I love it. I've been using it as a vase for dried (fancy word for dead) plants, and it's just a cool thing I have that I paid less than a dollar for.


Compared to the others on this list, books are probably a lot more likely to be a little beat up by the time they make it to the thrift store, but that of course doesn't mean they're all beat up. Coffee table books can go from $60 to $2 very quickly from home coffee table to thrift store, and in general, more expensive hard cover books become far more affordable, but still very useful. The books I bought for this shelf just so happen to be both beautiful and useful for their spot next to the bar ware on the shelf. They were $1.99 each. I've already learned something from these books, but honestly... if you just want books for the look of them, I'm not judging you (unless you pay full price for them).

So, here is my shelf baby with all of the thrifted items so far. She's a work in progress, but I'm happy for now. Thanks for reading! Please don't ever buy baskets from Target, and let me know what your favorite home decor items to thrift are!

Seeya soonish,


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