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Hawaii Trip Photo Diary

Connor (my boyfriend) and I just got back from a little vacation in my home state of Hawaii. This is just a little photo diary of the things we did and saw.

August 19th: Imagine going to work knowing you're going to be on a flight to Hawaii later that day. What are you doing at work? Absolutely nothing. I've never given fewer fxcks about work than I did that day. Granted, I'm currently blogging at work, but I was answering phones like "don't care, going on vacation" on August 19th.

August 20th: I am reunited with my dog. I am told he has claimed that bottom shelf there as his own, and that all of the decorative items previously stored there were removed to make room for his small head and fat body. He has also claimed the bottom portion of the upstairs linen closet, which has been furnished with a dog bed. I am so impressed with this dog. Teach me how, dog. Teach me.

August 21st: We did breakout Waikiki. You have an hour to break out of a room using the clues found there. At one point I put on headphones and heard morse code. "IT'S MORSE CODE!" I yelled, and prepared to translate it. I don't know morse code, so I just stood there with pen and paper in my hand and realized I'm an idiot. We broke out though.

August 22nd: My bae and I hit up the mall we used to work at together, reminiscing all the way. Then we raced home to see the sun set at a beach we visited after one of our first dates. It was super romantic. But like most things, I had to cut it short because I drank a little too much water an hour earlier. TMI? TMI.

August 23rd: The big day. My friends and I planned to do a trip around the island. Our only must-see was Waimea Rock. Connor wanted to jump off of it. I wanted to watch him jump off of it from the safety of the shore. We drove for hours that day, only to find the road to Waimea was closed near its end. That's what we get for trying to be adventurous. Backup plan? We ate our feelings. At Ted's Bakery, Leonard's Malasadas, and Giovanni's Shrimp Truck.

August 24th: On this day my boyfriend assumed we kept sunscreen in our home. Silly boy. This is Waianae. We're all burn proof here. He had to buy a dusty bottle from a gas station near my house, but then we hit the beach and saw Makua Cave before heading into town to do Breakout Waikiki again. We failed. Please don't ask any of us about it. It makes quite a few of us visibly upset.

August 25th: Connor and I used to work at abecrombie which is like Abercrombie and Fitch but for children. Neither of us expected to work there. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise for both of us. We met amazing people, we met each other, and on August 25th we reunited with a few from our abercrombie crew. We ordered absolutely way too much food, and had such a blast that we forgot to take a picture together.

August 26th-28th: My dad drops Connor and I off at the hotel we'll be staying at with friends until our flight on Sunday. The drunken shenanigans that followed were too good for photos (jk, we just all look really bad in the photos).

August 29th: We arrive in Portland at like 2 in the morning, and I'm mad about it.

Today is August 31st. I've come full circle. I'm at work, once again waiting until the day I can go back home to Hawaii. Who wants to come with next time? Seeya soonish, M

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