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Oregon Brewer's Festival 2016

Portland loves beer. Portland loves beer so much that every year, during the hottest time of year, Portland gathers outdoors in a fenced off area by the water to stand in horribly long lines for 3 oz. samples (or 12 oz. pours if you can commit like that) of beers from around the country. This gathering is the Oregon Brewer's Festival, and it proves that alcohol can make people enjoy a combination of a lot of things that they usually don't like... dirty drinking glasses, large crowds, pounding heat, smelly people, sweaty people, having to rub up against smelly/sweaty people to get through a crowd, and of course hot, humid porta potties that hundreds of drunk patrons have used before you.

If at this point you're thinking Brewfest sounds awful, YOU'RE WRONG, because it's actually the best thing ever. Oh hey, speaking of the best thing ever: ALL OF THE THINGS.

nice lady who poured all the things is so nice.

My boyfriend and I were in line for something he wanted to try, "All of the Things" was a few lines away, and I thought to myself, that's probably so gross. So I opened up my program and looked up Ex Novo Brewing Co., read the description and thought, That's probably so gross... I should try it. Tried it. It was the best beer ever.

And that is the beauty of Brewfest. Maria out. Seeyasoonish!


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