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Bibi2go Portland

My younger sister is in town and because she's under 21, I've been forced to think outside of my hard cider and wine centered box, and enjoy those parts of Downtown Portland that aren't breweries or bars. And that means I've been eating out a lot. We did some shopping on NW 23rd yesterday and when it came time for lunch, I remembered this little Korean food spot between Lovejoy and Marshall, Bibi2go. Every time I eat there I wonder why I don't eat there more often.

What's to love?

The Food.

It's delicious. I've had their Bibimbap and Kimchi soup multiple times. The amount of flavor in a spoonful of Kimchi soup there is shocking. The spicy pork in their bibimbap is similarly flavorful. I enjoy the fact that the gojuchang sauce for bibimbap comes in a squeeze bottle on the side so that I can control how much or how little goes in.

The Prices.

This place is a great value. Their prices are lower than most places in Portland (especially lower than other storefront places, and comparable to food cart prices), and they don't skimp a bit on food.

The Vibe.

Believe it or not this made up thing is what I judge basically everywhere I go on. I can't really tell you what a vibe is, but I can tell you if I'm feeling it or not. Guess what! I'm definitely feeling the vibe at Bibi2go. It's comfortable, quaint, quirky and welcoming. The restaurant is tiny, but doesn't feel cramped. It somehow feels mom and pop and modern at the same time. I'd describe it as something in between an order at the register, and eat in the dining area type place and sit down restaurant with the pricing and procedure of the former, and the care, presentation and quality of the latter. This is also the only place I've been where I was taught how to properly mix my bibimbap. I didn't even know that was a thing. Did you know that waas a thing?

If not, I guess you'll have to go to Bibi2go and figure it out! You're welcome in advance. Also, invite me. Seeyasoonish, Maria

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