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Favorite Thrift Find July 2016

Ah, the denim jacket. A wardrobe staple for many if not all. Here is (one of) mine. I love many things about it, but I mostly love that I thrifted it...

It's a Polo Ralph Lauren denim jacket, many of which retail for around $100 - $200. In fact here's one slathered in paint that was originally going for $165 and is now on sale (gee, I wonder why) for $65. I died when I found this one at the thrift store for less than $10, and came back to life to pay for it. It's flawless. I mean that both in a Beyonce way and in a literal way, as it actually has no flaws. I was expecting a stain, a rip, a bit of blood under the collar or something, but nope!

You'll notice a little pin on the left pocket. I got that from my mom when she returned from her deployment in Afghanistan. I thought it fit well with the branding on the jacket because of its colors and size, and I think it adds a subtle personal touch to a fairly basic piece.

Sometimes I see this thing in my closet and think: I don't know why anyone would give you up, but boy am I glad someone did. Do you have any thrift finds you just can't imagine not having found?

Seeya soonish! M

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